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plastic casings

Our partner company, ARTA Food Casing Co. produces a wide range of casings and top quality plastic containers for food products through the use of the latest technologies and constant innovation in its lines of articles.

We currently have the privilege of having one of the most sophisticated plastic coating lines in the world, designed for the production of seven-layer shrink wrap and bags for meat and dairy products.

Our objective is to offer a wide range of articles, personalized technical support and other services such as printing in various types of quality to satisfy all the needs of our customers.


Casings (Plastic Casings
Shrink Bags
Vacuum bag

*EVOH is one of the polymers with the lowest oxygen permeability, which helps to increase the life of packaged foods.


For a better promotion and increase in sales, appearance is one of the main stages to take into account.

Making use of advertising is one of them. Our printing service offers a quality final packaging finish to obtain the maximum visibility of the product.

We offer two types of printing:

1- UV Printing 6+6 high resolution colors (photographic printing quality) allows printing quality images on both sides of the packaging for sausages or shrink bags.

2-Solvent Printing 6+6 colors. This system is the one with the greatest demand and low cost, recommended for casings of small caliber

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