Founded on 1993, FAI BERTI has specialized in the development of technical solutions for food industry.

We produce mixtures of ingredients that can be personalized for each of our clients and we offer consultancy in order to make industrial production more efficient.

Our products are aimed at the fresh and processed meat, meat sausages and fish sectors however, we have customizable solutions for any process of food production.

Our team of professionals, methodical and expert, allows us to offer multiple possibilities of service and product.

  • Mixture of ingredients and spices for the industry.
  • Integral forms (units) for the sausage production and meat derivatives.
  • Ingredients and forms for products derived from the fishing.
  • Consultancy in the development of new products, control of costs of production and customized technical solutions.
  • Products destined to the Horeca sector.
  • Plastic guts.
  • Sale of consumptions for food industry.



  • Mission:

The mission of the company is to provide additive solutions for the food industry. Maximizing resources and offering a specific service for each case are the key factors on which FAI BERTÍ, S.L. is based.

  • Vision:

The vision of the company is to ensure that FAI BERTÍ, S.L. is an international reference in the design and manufacture of food additives, providing the customer with maximum flexibility in the supply of required items, specializing in ad hoc manufacturing, both in quantities and in customization.

  • Commitments and strategic lines
    • Custom design of any required solution.
    • Determined commitment to technical process innovation.
    • Highest levels of quality and food safety, beyond legal compliance.
    • Satisfaction and loyalty of customers and interested parties
    • Competent and technically trained staff.


FAI BERTÍ, S.L., located in Celrà (Girona), is a company dedicated to the formulation, elaboration, and commercialization of additives for the food industry. The Management of FAI BERTÍ, S.L. aware of the changes in the sector and to prepare for the future, it decides to implement a Food Safety and Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2018 Standards.


The principles of the Quality and Safety Policy applied are:

  • Improve customer satisfaction based on their requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, be they legal, safety, contractual or of any other nature, as well as the implementation, maintenance and development of the HACCP System.
  • Comply and monitor the objectives and indicators and guarantee a continuous improvement in our processes, methods of action and relationships with the concerned parties.
  • Create internal and external communication channels involving all interested parties and encourage the participation of all employees and senior management in the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System.
  • Make our Policy available to the general public for their knowledge.
  • Make the handling personnel aware of the importance of their work, as the basic link in the food chain.
  • Willing to improve the learning, knowledge, experience, training, research, development, and innovation of all the staff of FAI BERTÍ, S.L.
  • Ensure the availability of the necessary and sufficient resources and services to achieve the Short, medium, and long-term Objectives.


Quality and food safety establish a dynamic in which all the efforts of the organization are combined to satisfy the above principles.

And these principles are embodied in the following points:

  • Fast and efficient service based on our experience.
  • Commitment to guarantee our products
  • Control of continuous improvement and satisfaction indicators.


Celrà, 23rd September 2020

Mr. Francesc Mateu Palé