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Founded in 1993, FAI BERTI SLU is a company specialized in the development of technical solutions for the food industry. We produce mixtures of additives, aromas and processing aids with or without other ingredients that can be customized for each of our clients and we offer personalized technical advice. from the beginning of the development of a product to its industrial manufacture. Since 2014, FAI BERTI SLU has been introduced into the SOL GIRONÈS Group (a group of companies led by Mr. Francesc Mateu).

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As a result of our experience, FAI BERTI SLU has acquired a valuable reputation as a supplier of all kinds of food additives and auxiliary material such as casings, strings, among others.

Thanks to our team of professionals, expert and methodical, we offer multiple possibilities of products and services such as:


  • Fai Berti Products: Powdered preparations for the manufacture of meat, fish, pre-cooked products, sauces and instant desserts.
  • Raw material: spices, additives and various ingredients.
  • Auxiliary material: plastic casings, threads, strings…
  • Technical advice: in the development of new products, control of production costs, customized technical solutions.
  • Mixing and packaging service for powdered ingredients: according to customer specifications.

Our commitments and strategic lines are focused on:


  • Custom design any solution requested by our customers.
  • Satisfy and retain customers and interested parties.
  • Have the highest levels of quality (ISO 9001:2015) and food safety.  (ISO 22000:2018 in the process of implementation)
  • Have maximum environmental awareness (ISO 14001:2015).
  • Have competent and technically trained personnel.



The company's mission is to offer preparations of ingredients and additives with a good quality/price ratio for the food industry; provide customers with the technical support they need; develop new products that may have a commercial interest to expand sales, as well as offer the maquila service to companies that need it.



The company's vision is to make FAI BERTÍ, SLU an international reference in the design and manufacture of food ingredient preparations and additives, providing the client with maximum flexibility in the supply of the required items, specializing in the manufacture of products ad hoc (= specific) both in quantities and customization.


Commitments and strategic lines

  • Custom design of any required technical solution.
  • Decided commitment to technical innovation of processes and products.
  • High levels of quality and food safety, beyond legal compliance.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Competent and technically trained personnel.
  • Environmental awareness through efficient use of energy, raising workers' awareness of the environment and correct management of the waste generated.


FAI BERTI, SLU, located in Celrà (Girona), we are a company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of additives and condiments for the food industry.


The principles of the Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Policy applied are:


  • Improve customer satisfaction based on their requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, whether quality, safety, environmental, contractual or any other nature; as well as the implementation, maintenance and development of the HACCP System.
  • Comply with and monitor the Objectives and Indicators and guarantee continuous improvement of the quality, safety and environmental management system.
  • Create internal and external communication channels involving all interested parties and encourage the participation of all employees and senior management for feedback on food safety aspects and performance measurement.
  • Betting to improve learning, knowledge, experience, training, research, development and innovation of all FAI BERTÍ, SLU staff
  • Ensure the availability of necessary and sufficient resources and services to achieve the Objectives in the short, medium and long term.
  • Take into account the life cycle of our products during their design and development.
  • Ensure through the involvement of all personnel in relation to the culture of food safety, respect for the environment, communicating the corporate policy and defining the responsibilities and involvement in food safety and good environmental practices in all departments.
  • Commit to a sustainable model that respects nature and biodiversity.
  • Caring for and protecting the natural environment and promoting production policies with a low impact on the environment, making use of sustainable resources and minimizing pollution.



Quality, food safety and respect for the environment establish a dynamic in which all the efforts of the organization are combined to satisfy the above principles.




Celrà, January 26, 2024


Mr. Francesc Mateu Palé


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